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Our Techniques

Dr. Byrne utilizes only the most proven and effective techniques available in Chiropractic. 


As a patient, you can be assured an individual treatment plan tailored to your specific needs.  What seperates us from other offices is the ability to utilize different techniques to get even the most acute cases the care that is needed. 


Below, you’ll find a brief explanation of the popular chiropractic techniques we use at our practice.

Diversified technique is the most commonly used adjustment technique by Chiropractic doctors. 

The main objective is to restore proper movement and alignment of spine and joint dysfunction.


Activator Technique is a highly specific adjustment performed with a handheld adjusting instrument.  The Activator applies a specific force at a precise angle, without any twisting or turning of spinal segments. 

This is the perfect technique for patients who are in acute pain, or just prefer this method of adjustments for its precise control.



Dr. Byrne was one of the first, and still one of the few doctors in the area to be trained and certified to apply KinesioTape.


KinesioTape is used worldwide by by professional athletes, olympians, weekend warriors, and people looking to remain active while healing.


KinesioTape works by improving joint alignment by affecting the muscles and fascia, and can reduce poor function of a joint by influencing opposing muscle groups and joint mobility.


Kinesio Tape lifts the upper layers of skin, creating more space between the dermis and the muscle. The space created is believed to relieve pressure on the lymph channels in the area between the muscle and the dermis, creating more space for lymph flow and thus better lymph drainage through an affected area.


Kinesio Tape also affects deeper tissues in the body. Increased space allows muscles greater contractility, which in turn pushes more fluid through the muscle, resulting in better muscle performance. The end results are reduced muscle fatigue, increase in range of motion, and better quality of muscle contraction.


Trigger Point
The primary purpose of Trigger Point Therapy is to reduce the pain that results from hypersensitive muscles. Trigger points are identified by gently pressing on the surface of the skin, sensing the texture of the underlying muscle.

A trigger point is like a knot the size of a pea, buried deep in the muscle tissue. It is made up of lactic acid, a normal byproduct of muscular activity, which sometimes gets trapped in the muscle from physical, chemical or emotional stress.

Drop Table
This technique makes use of specialized drop-piece mechanisms in the table to assist the adjustment. Individual cushions or "drop pieces" located along the table support each area of the spine until the thrust is given. Then, each drop-piece gently gives way, reducing the pressure needed to move a specific spinal segment.